300 Series Inner

Powertrain : Engine & Transmission

The HINO W04 series diesel engine was developed based on an engine for HINO small duty trucks, and has been long working at various areas both in Japan and in the world. 

Its reliability, durability and quality have been proven by long years of operation in the market.


The cab provides a comfortable ride and driving experience.

Inspection and Maintenance

Careful attention to ease of inspection and maintenance

The HINO 300 series employs a forward tilting cab that allows for easy maintenance and inspections. It also features an air filter that is easy to remove. Other careful attention to ease of inspection and maintenance is also evident in the brake fluid and washer fluid tanks that are fitted inside the cab for easy inspection.

Driving Performance

More than enough durability to support your daily extensive operations

With superb driving performance, a suspension that is both highly rigid and flexible at the same time, and a rigid frame made of 6-mm plates usually reserved for medium-duty trucks for durability and rigidity, the HINO 300 series can take on the most demanding tasks in its stride. The cab has been treated for rust resistance and will retain its bright appearance for many years to come.