Powertrain : Engine & Transmission

The HINO W04 series diesel engine was developed based on an engine for HINO small duty trucks, and has been long working at various areas both in Japan and in the world. 

Its reliability, durability and quality have been proven by long years of operation in the market.

The latest clean diesel engine leads the new environmental age.

The HINO 300 series is equipped with the latest environmental compliant W-series engine which delivers excellent environmental performance with abundant power. In addition to being fuel efficient and quiet, the engine also delivers a resilience that allows it to be driven smoothly around the town.

HINO 300 Series is offered with a technically competitive range of specifications to meet & suite your business objectives and application.

With a smooth and more reliable Dry Single plate, hydraulic control clutches our customer have never missed the right selection of speed, not only in the 300 series driving, but also in the business. HINO offers 2 different gear box with 6 Speed, manual transmission in accordance with the end user application.