HINO Quality Service

HINO Quality Service

HINO Products are loaded with advanced technologies for enhancing fuel economy, reducing emissions, enhancing safety and convenience. These technologies are controlled by sophisticated computers and provide high performance. If a problem should occur, it can be challenging to identify the cause. Aiming at responding quickly to problem situations, we use "HINO-DX"-a diagnostic system designed specially for HINO vehicles-to rapidly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem. We also train our service staffs based on our “HINO Technicians Qualifications Program”. We at HINO will continuously endeavour to enhance the quality of our services so that our customers are able to operate their HINO vehicles with confidence.


Quality service for all of our customers

It is in the DNA of HINO Myanmar after-sales service which is “Offering unified service so that Myanmar customers can afford to proudly own Hino products, without the fear of future for after sales service support  satisfactorily, as long as they can”, and promote the activities for it at all times.
HINO Myanmar considers that it is not enough to provide high-performance/quality products or promote our sales activities, but we also need to extend “Total Support”, our comprehensive support activity for our customers, including customer-oriented activities (ex. the Eco Driving Seminar) or after-sales service ones.
What we promote as the “Total Support” activities to construct absolute mutual trust with our customers are:

  1. Support activities which enable us to become a business partner of customers by supplying services they expect with their viewpoint, and

  2. Support activities for maximization of the vehicle up-time and minimization of the vehicle lifetime cost which are their top concerns on the commercial vehicles.