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500 Series Performance

Accelerate Your Business To The Next Level PERFORMANCE


We aim for powerful engine performance and excellent fuel economy, in pursuit of higher business efficiency and better profitability.

High performance mechanical pump and common rail

Reliable mechanical pump is adopted in some specifications. On the other hand, new common rail is adopted in other specifications, which contribute to maintain optimal power and high fuel economy performance under any driving conditions.


Newly developed wide-ratio transmission that contributes to reduction of transportation costs

The newly developed 6-speed transmission (MX06) contributes to less fuel consumption and transportation costs. As for the 9-speed transmission (M009), its performance in acceleration and hill climbing at low speed range has been enhanced.



Allows to build large-capacity crane bodies

The increased PTO capacity contributes to building large-capacity. Due to the simple structure, the reliability was enhanced.



Gearshift pattern with higher operability

The gearshift pattern of the 9-speed transmission was changed from double-H to single-H. A range inhibitor system helps to prevent miss shift. The gearshift pattern of the 6-speed transmission contributes to a reduction, thereby enhancing the operational feeling.


Enhanced aerodynamic performance

The exterior design has been redesigned and created a bold and dynamic appearance.